Why us?

We are building the best database of DAOs in the world. This database will also be a great place for anyone who wants to contribute to DAO. It is the same for DAOs who want to hire the best people.

What do we do?

Join us in creating the world’s most used database, referenced by every web3 project. You will research information on all DAOs and update this database.It is also to build this website you are looking at right now.

Contributors will be rewarded with USDC or future tokens. Your contributions will also be visible on here.


We pay 3USDC for each additional DAO.Please use this form to submit your application.



YoursDAO is a community-based product, and we update information about DAO with community members.

YoursDAO is a matching platform that connects DAOs around the world with people who want to contribute to DAOs. YoursDAO is the LinkedIn of the web3 era.

”I want to hire the best people in DAO.”

"I want to work for a DAO where I can make use of my skills."

We solve that mismatch issue.


We run YoursDAO, the world's largest collection of DAO information (this is the one you're looking at right now!).

We are developing the most complete job site for this DAO in terms of quantity and quality.

The core database of this project is open to the public and is being updated together with members of the community. In the future, we plan to provide a reference database for all projects.

This project is already the largest repository of DAO information in the world, and that number will continue to grow.

It will be the first place to go when looking for DAOs to contribute to and the first place to go when looking for work with DAOs.

We are also developing, a DAO version of Upwork that makes it easy to exchange tokens and skills. Please look forward to this as well.

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We will create a world where people can live their lives doing what they love, regardless of race, birth, country, or background.

Increasing contributors to DAOs, provide opportunities for everybody.

It will provide access to people all over the world to work at DAO with zero hassle when contributing to DAO. And DAOs can attract new and talented people.

Thank you! We will send you more details soon!
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January 12, 2022


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