What is Wander Women?

Wander Women is a venture studio DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that builds products and services to help anyone who identifies as a woman or non-binary around the world achieve financial, location, and creative independence. Our vision is to help more women lead an unconventional life on their own terms. This means being able to live wherever we want, work on what we enjoy, and have the financial stability to thrive.

Built by our community of women (and allies) for women

Today women are still underrepresented in the spaces that could help them achieve financial, location, and creative freedoms:

Yet, there are plenty of stats that point to why women-led businesses succeed:

All in all, helping more women launch businesses is good for the world in every way!

We provide opportunities for DAO members to achieve financial, location, and creative independence, whether it’s compensation for contributing to the DAO, launching a project funded by the DAO, or contributing to a project by a DAO member.

Join Wander Women

🌈  Our initial launch will be through a limited collection of 5000 NFTs in May 2022 (Exact date and mint price TBA)

The NFT is a ticket that provides access to the DAO community. Community members are co-creators and co-owners in all the projects we build.

🎨 The art is illustrated by original content artists @inafrenzy.life, @janedaysart, @kayee

5000 mint spots will be granted through a mintlist. You must be on the mintlist in order to mint when we launch.

Follow our Twitter for updates: @wanderwomendao

How will the DAO work?

Every NFT holder will get a vote in what we build. One NFT = 1 vote. Any member can submit proposals to lead projects.

  • The process for launching a project at Wander Women
  • Propose projects you’d like to see the DAO take on
  • What you want to build
  • What you can achieve in 3 months (funds will be distributed every quarter in order to ensure quick progress and experimentation)
  • Team of members that will be working on it (you must recruit a team before submitting a proposal)
  • Funds needed and where they will be going
  • Goals / What it will accomplish and how it will add value to the community
  • Proposals will be vetted by a committee voted for by the DAO. In the first phase of our roadmap, this will be the core team of Wander Women.
  • Proposals go up for a vote on whether the DAO will fund this project
  • Funds are distributed and the project lead is required to update the DAO on a weekly basis. Contributors are paid in ETH from the allocated funding on a weekly basis based on their contributions and metrics achieved from that week.
  • A subset of the funding will be allocated to ad hoc tasks on bounty boards that any member of the DAO can take on for a specified payment. New contributors of a project can be brought on after the 3 month period when the project must reapply for a new grant.
  • All returns will go back to the DAO treasury so we can fund bigger projects, increase compensation, and bring on more contributors and advisors.

What is the value to DAO members?

A. By holding a vote of the DAO per Wander Women NFT owned, you help decide what we build

You can think about the NFT as a voting share in our organization. You are an owner that gets to drive what we spend our resources building. Our venture studio is continuously building and increasing the value of the DAO by generating profits through the businesses built.

B. Get paid to build and receive ownership in all projects

The greatest thing about DAOs is how the structure empowers all members to contribute to the best of their ability and capacity, whether that’s leading a whole project, building an app, making introductions, or running an event. By joining the community, you will get access to a community of ambitious women and female supporters to help at every stage along the journey. Our vision is to create a community where everyone can learn from each other, riff off ideas, and build cool stuff!

C. Benefit from everything created in Wander Women!

By joining the DAO you can directly contribute to all the companies being built under the venture studio, submit proposals to lead projects, and through the DAO get access to the value these companies create! Get special access, discounts, and perks on the external-facing projects and receive all the benefits built for members.

We have so many ideas on how we can build things that directly benefit members:

  • Training workshops and education on building a web2 or web3 business
  • Partnering with other brands and projects to share member benefits
  • Running in-person retreats and conferences
  • Opening up co-working or creator spaces
  • Launching merchandise or e-commerce store


Our first priority after launching the NFT is to set up the DAO to get started on building! This will include:

  • Holding brainstorming and ideation workshop series on what projects we should launch
  • Continuously recruiting talented women that are excited to build
  • Deploying snapshot.org to begin voting on the first project to build (we have a few ideas as a core team but are open to more!)
  • Solidifying the structure of our DAO and improving ways to attract talent, onboard talent, and coordinate in a distributed, permissionless way (not an easy task for a new DAO!)

Once we are a well-oiled machine with a community-approved process for launching new projects we’ll open the floodgates to more proposals and fund more projects. This is when we will also begin working on Roadmap 2.0 which will include tokenization. Tokenization will allow us to open up more opportunities to spin out projects separate from Wander Women DAO with different ownership structures, invest in women-led businesses, and build more utility around the token in the Wander Women ecosystem of products and services.

In the end, we want to grow this community and vision hand-in-hand with our holders.

What is the % breakdown for this project?

We operate under the values of honesty and transparency. So here are all the numbers and breakdowns from our project so you can know exactly where your money goes.

A. Primary sales from mint:

  • 75% goes to fund the DAO
  • 10% goes to the team of artists
  • 9% goes to the team of operations & marketing
  • 3% goes to the developer
  • 2% goes to advisors
  • 1% goes to a charity

B. Royalties from Secondary Sales: 10%

  • 90% goes to fund the DAO
  • 10% goes to the team (artists, dev, founders, charity)

Thank you! We will send you more details soon!
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