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Encourage Ukraine people
Send us your supportive comments.
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we wil donate 0.0001eth to UkraineDAO.
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Our Voice🇺🇦

I hope that people will lay down their weapons and that peace will come to them🤝

Don't fight among humans and hurt many people. Peace and freedom for the people of Ukraine🕊

🇺🇦We all know this is our war...🇺🇦

May you can live a peaceful and happy life soon🍀🇺🇦


"The UkraineDAO - organized sale is the largest NFT-based crypto contribution to Ukraine’s war efforts to date." The idea to form the UkraineDao (UD) formed shortly after Putin started the war in Ukraine on Feb. 24. Nadya from Pussyriot, Trippy from Trippy Labs, and PleasrDAO members began an online chat, inviting other people with various backgrounds in tech, contract experience, activists, artists, influencers, editors, media …truly a cross- section of people with a united goal to help Ukrainians on the ground immediately.

Initially there was the thought of artists creating something, but that idea quickly changed when the group decided the NFT should be a symbol of the Ukrainian people rather than focused on a particular artist or aesthetic. That being said, we are in full support of other organizations auctioning off artists’ work in support of Ukraine. It was ultimately decided a PartyBid would be the best tool to use to pool donations (bidders needed established wallets, etc.), in addition to other donations be accepted via UD.

A Twitter handle was created as well as a Discord to disseminate up to date information and create a place for the community of supporters and those seeking to learn more about the UD. Initially, the founding members considered recommending a standard ETH bid for the PartyBid, perhaps based on a date significant to Ukrainian history, but it was later determined that all size donations mattered, and UD did not want to discourage anyone from participation. We had several large donations yesterday ranging from 25 to 44 ETH (some prefer to remain anonymous) Also significant donations were made by the Jadu community, OhShinny (OhhShiny Show on Twitter Spaces M-F 11amET), Alexis Ohanian from Redditt, and OnlyFans.

Now that the PartyBid is complete (raising over 6M), a snapshot on March 3rd at 6 pm of all donations,( PartyBid and direct donations of ETH to the multisig), and will be recognized as the $LOVE token. The Love token is a symbol, not a utility, commemorating the donor’s contribution. Seeing these tokens or other POAPs in one’s wallet reminds people of the bigger picture behind Web3 building and decentralized organizations. The UD presently plans to distribute 1000 $LOVE tokens (or a fraction thereof depending on donation size) for each ETH donated. We discourage anyone from trading the coins for utility and to maintain them in their wallets as a reminder of our world’s ongoing humanitarian needs.

It is apparent a revolution cannot be started with fiat as there are too many ways for traditional funds to be intercepted or halted by traditional institutions, governments, and other factions with intent to control, harm, or simply shift funds without transparency. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are a model for the world to witness how people with a common purpose can join and work together quickly to distribute funds to present humanitarian causes. ~Trippy

Ukrainian Flag
This is the Ukrainian flag 🇺🇦 1/1. Funds raised from this sale will be directed to helping the Ukrainian civilians suffering from the war initiated by Putin. "Come Back Alive," one of the most effective and transparent Ukrainian charitable and volunteer initiatives can be found at: This project has been organized by Pussy Riot, Trippy Labs, PleasrDAO, CXIP, and many Ukrainian humanitarian activists working tirelessly on the ground and generously consulting with us to assure we have a safe place to direct our donations that will help those who need it the most. Much support and love to Ukraine 🇺🇦


If you would like to make a donation available immediately for disbursement via UkraineDAO, send cryptocurrency directly to UkraineDAO.eth. If you do not have an on chain wallet set up already (i.e. you would like to send directly from an exchange like Coinbase). We understand some of you are new to setting up a crypto wallet and have very busy lives, but would like to donate.

Thank you! We will send you more details soon!
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