Thanks for joining Star One - the DAO to reduce atmospheric CO2 to pre-industrial levels.

We believe that we can fix the climate crisis by bringing people together via Web3 to help with our mission - not by dealing with governments, but with individuals, irrespective of location. By now we understand that burning fossil fuels has caused great damage to the planet and this cannot continue. We need to provide for the energy needs of humans via methods that emit no CO2 into our atmosphere, and that are scalable, long into the future.

Space Based Solar Power or SBSP is being developed by nations such as the UK, Japan, China and the US - so that they can reap the rewards. We want to make the rewards available to anyone, no matter who or where they are on Earth by developing a decentralised, global SBSP system.

We fix the energy needs of humans by creating a massive organisation around blockchain to build a very large scale decentralised solar array network in space and transmit the generated clean power back to any location on Earth. The project develops alongside space tourism as launch prices continue to fall. The new and abundant economic opportunities that develop in space with this and other projects cause humans to advance their habitation of space rapidly and at scale. The combined effects of these actions, including reduced human activity on Earth and energy being cheaply available anywhere, will make the use of fossil fuels uneconomical resulting in gradual return of atmospheric Co2 to pre-industrial levels over a c.350 year period.


Our mission: to reduce global atmospheric CO2 to pre-industrial levels by building global, decentralised, space based solar.


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January 12, 2022


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