Squiggle DAO is an experiment at sparking a coordination layer around an NFT project. We believe there’s value in collaboration and coming together on the internet and this is an attempt to use the love of a colourful collectible to spark that connection.


Chromie Squiggle

Chromie Squiggle is a generative art project on the Blockchain and the first-ever project released on Art Blocks, one of the leading on-chain generative art marketplace.

The artist behind the Chromie Squiggle collection has successfully gathered a strong community toward his project, making Chromie Squiggle one of the most promising on-chain generative art project today.


The SquiggleDAO mission is to support the growth and cultural relevance of generative NFT art. We will achieve this by using one of the most important art series as membership, upon which we will create long-term value for generative art in a fun, inclusive manner.

SquiggleDAO’s mission is simple:

  • Acquire as many Chromie Squiggles as possible
  • Generate as much Squiggle culture as possible


Art and culture are two sides of the same coin. History has shown that artists who capture mindshare during important culture epochs ultimately end up defining that time period. We believe we are in the early stages of a new cultural epoch, and that the art of this time period will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain.


Apply here:https://forum.squiggledao.com/d/2-welcome-to-the-squiggle-dao-governance-forum-read-me



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January 12, 2022


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