SongADAO is a group of humans who support one song a day, forever; they own 100% of the rights and earnings of all Song A Day songs, and the members decide how to use these rights and earnings to increase the value of Song A Day.


This project is not about flipping for a quick buck. It’s about hodling and building something, together. We’re dedicated to all acts of creation, big and small.

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Just buying an NFT is a big help. But you can also get paid working for the DAO! Members pick what kinds of work gets rewarded, so proactive members can have a big impact.

This is an experiment that’s meant to be replicated.If this model works, other creators will be able to adopt it too, and they’ll need our help to do it.


Most artists are stuck with avery convoluted business modelif they want to earn a living making music. Using decentralized technology, I think we can do better. By empowering the people who support music, we can make sure that the people who make, promote, and appreciate music directly benefit from it.


1.SongADAO owns 100% of the rights to — and revenue from — all Song A Day songs.

2.Members decide how to use those rights and revenue to grow the value of Song A Day.

3.As Song A Day gets more successful, so does the DAO!


Joining is as easy as owning a Song A Day NFT.

As long as you own at least one, you’re eligible to be a member.



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January 12, 2022


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