There’s value in collaboration, and in coming together on the internet. This value lives in the creativity and connection found in people anywhere in the world. Today, the opportunity to work on things we love, to work from our strengths and to our highest potential is a privilege. Seed Club is a DAO that builds, supports, and invests in tokenized communities


Seed Club operates in cohorts.

Cohorts are group sessions for project leaders to go through weekly workshops regarding best practices for building in web3. Cohorts feature presentations from industry leaders and offer a chance for founders to tap into resources on how to go from 0 to 1 on launching a community token.

Seed Club will host ~4 cohorts per year. Each cohort features ~15 projects, all coming together over 6-8 week periods with the sole goal of bringing tokenized communities to life.

For participating in a cohort, projects join the Seed Club ecosystem and swap their tokens with $CLUB - stored in a Community Treasury.

As the number of tokenized communities grows, it’s time for Seed Club to lead that conversation.


Seed Club’s mission is to serve web3 community builders.

We do this by supporting our accelerator and studio projects, and in our growing network of contributors, collaborators, and members. This network of projects and DAO ecosystem builders is what makes Seed Club valuable.

Our goal is to expand this network by encouraging web3 native builders and welcoming web3 curious builders to contribute their skills within our ecosystem. The DAO 20 Awards was one way for Seed Club to put membership in the hands of those creating value and we will continue to find new ways to do this.

We have come together as a community to decide on community values. These values will be guiding principles in how we decide on projects to pursue, work to be done, and how we treat each other within and beyond the Seed Club walls. These values are dynamic and will evolve over time based on community feedback and development.


Applications are opening on December 6th.

Participants will apply by completing the application, which includes a short video response.

Videos should be clear, simple, and direct. Qualified applicants will have:

- Basic web 3 literacy -or- be curious googler

- Established community or clear "community-market-fit" and strong social capital

- Strong communication skills (can be written, verbal and even through social/memes) and a social or thought leadership presence

- Experience leading and contributing to communities- Action biased self-starters with proof of project delivery and execution



Thank you! We will send you more details soon!
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