ScribeDAO is a learn-to-earn DAO that creates incentive structures for motivated Web3 community members to upskill themselves from readers of content, to synthesizers of content and ultimately to creators of content.


We're forming a group that will alleviate this dual issue: too much content and not enough learners.

ScribeDAO will serve as a gathering point for

- Knowledge Seekers: who seek syntheses of information that they want to digest (e.g., articles, podcasts)

- Scribes: who want to dig deeper into crypto through these summary assignments (summarize content into bite-size chunks)  


Our mission is to lower the barrier to entry to crypto by making information digestible. We are a community of:

1. Knowledge Seekers - we seek information worthwhile to synthesize.

2. Scribes - we summarize content discovered.


Make knowledge a public good by making it more accessible and distilling it down to bite sized chunks.

Develop structured roles that empower users to become better learners, proficient writers and establish leadership skills.

Gamify learning and reward all users on their journey.


For readers:The current state of media content is overabundant and fragmented. ScribeDAO is a curated list of trending articles, emerging projects, ongoing governance and material relating to the cryptosphere.ScribeTribes within the DAO enable you to deeper explore areas of interest or get exposure to a larger spectrum of information.

For writers:The current state of media content is overabundant and fragmented.Our Discord provides a space for collaboration for beginner and veteran readers and writers. Future roadmap for framework for reading/writing workshops to further sharpen skills.A growing following of 2000+ readers to give exposure to writing that’s important to you.Get recognized for your work and develop your own following.For everyone:ScribeDAO aims to be a place to keep up with the latest trends, connect with new people and enable ideation to prosper.


Apply here:https://scribedao.com/#

Thank you! We will send you more details soon!
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January 12, 2022


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