It’s time to PROSPER.
Good people. Zen vibes. And a focus towards communal prosperity.

Principles v0

This is our first attempt at capturing what we are about with words. We will continue to evolve these principles as we evolve as a community.

Start from rest

Rest and space begets meaningful action and outcomes. We value pause points and space for integration and reflection. Starting from rest allows for intentional movement.


Every person is inherently complete, resourceful, and whole. From this place of sufficiency, we value participation as a gift. When we each move from sufficiency, we pay our gifts forward towards communal abundance.

Move from inspiration

We value inspiration and excitement as motivators for action. If you can dream it, you can do it, and we love to make dreams a reality.

Sustain through ownership

Personal ownership is what drives inspiration to beautiful outcomes. We bias towards making and doing, and rely on personal accountability to make communal progress.

Growth over perfection

We value the journey over the destination, and believe in co-creating a "yes, and" space of non-judgement to encourage experimentation, growth, and the stretching of limits. We believe there is no "failure," only learning.


We celebrate impermanence and the joy of generative movement. We value playful, bold, and creative expression. We encourage traveling off-road and dancing backwards.


Each person has something unique to contribute, and deserves a seat at the table. We value education over alienation.

Self-care is communal care

Self-care is integral to communal care. Honesty about personal needs, asking for help, and putting self-care first creates a pillar of prosperity for the larger community. We value authenticity as a means of connection, and understand that we are stronger together than apart.

Generative action

We believe in generative action that creates more than it consumes, and leaves the world better than how we found it.


We value integrity and operating in alignment with one's values. Our community believes in creating space for multiple realities and honoring each other's differences, while creating pathways for connection.

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January 12, 2022


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