Pozzle Planet is a social-game universe based on $POZ with a sustainable player-owned economy that expands into the real world and grows larger as more POZitive impact is created by the participants.

Pozzle Planet’s mission is to make $POZ the 'planet-POZitive’ currency, that rewards planet-POZitive actions to spread POZitivity and bring prosperity to planet Earth and all its inhabitants.

We believe the population of the Metaverse can happen for the benefit of Planet Earth.

Pozzle Planet exists to positively impact real-world causes by providing a bridge of social collaborative efforts powered by a decentralised player-owned economy. Using a reward system of $POZ tokens we collaboratively reward those who do small things in everyday life that collectively compound to a positive impact on our planet.

Pozzles of the Pozzleverse

Pozzles are the unique product of the Pozzle economy.

They are hexagon-shaped ‘land parcel’ NFTs with varying ‘impact-traits’ that cover the surfaces of a Pozzle Planet. Each Pozzle provides the planet unique attributes and ‘destination experiences’ that users can travel to. People can visit, trade or earn different Pozzles depending on what activities are in demand and what areas of impact you care about.

Pozzle Planet mobile app: Purchase tickets to Pozzle Planets that are filled with 'Pozzles'

A Pozzle is created and added to a Pozzle Planet in two ways:

  1. The community generates Pozzles: Each time a player in the Pozzle Planet mobile-app travels to a Pozzle Planet and joins an activity there via video, a Pozzle is added to that Pozzle Planet. Joining activities on Pozzle Planets is like ‘Pozzle-making’ where adding a video of you doing the activity is the same as adding your piece to the Pozzle Planet.
  2. The mobile-app generates the Pozzles, and then they are assigned to the user’s Wallets as NFTs when the Pozzle Planet is completed. The Treasury mints new Pozzles: When new value is created via the Treasury, new Pozzles are minted in order to distribute this value to stakeholders. The Pozzle Protocol adds Pozzles to the Treasury Planet, which is the source of IPY Impact-Yields in the Pozzleverse (Refer Section X)

As Pozzle Planets grow and fill with Pozzles, they will evolve in terms of their predominant impact-attributes and categories, for example along the lines of ‘Clean the Oceans Planet’, ‘Green Energy Planet’, ‘Recycling Queens Planet’, and so on. This brings opportunity for IRL companies and organisations, as well as Protocols to generate Pozzle Planets with topics that relate most to them.

How are Pozzles valuable?

Upon minting, each Pozzle is embedded with a set of impact-tokens that have been acquired and passed on to them from the Pozzle Treasury, giving Pozzles a ‘minimum asset value’ as well as measurable attributes of environmental and social impact.

Pozzles are also shares in the Pozzle Treasury. The Pozzle Treasury’s primary growth comes from revenues and using its assets to create new income streams. As the Treasury grows the profits & proceeds are distributed to all Pozzle holders in the form of compounding impact-yields ‘IPY’, where you will earn more and more Pozzles, the longer you stake them. In this light, it is the ‘Pozzles’ that are the token that hold ownership fractions of the Pozzle Treasury. On the other hand, $POZ is the currency that gives you access to earning these Pozzles. More on $POZ coming up.

What do I get for staking Pozzles?

Pozzle Planet can be seen as similar to other NFT games where you can stake the NFTs. But it’s in Pozzle Planet’s impact-yields ‘IPY’ where we take an innovative step forward from the adverse dilution problems that come with many of today’s typical staking APY models. Instead, the Pozzle Protocol automatically manages the payout of IPY to stakers to ensure there is no dilution and that value is always additive.

The IPY rate is automatically set ‘ground-up’ by the Pozzle Protocol based on the new-value creation of the Treasury. Each new Pozzle created to pay IPY is only minted when there is new value creation coming into the Treasury from fees and revenue. That way there is no dilution of existing Pozzle holders.

Each new Pozzle has a ‘minimum asset value’ based on a set of impact-tokens nested in it upon minting, where the value of a new Pozzle minted should never be lower than the value of the previous Pozzle minted. This means that the value of the next minted Pozzle will always be equal or higher than the last Pozzle. At the same time this creates an IPY minting queue to ensure the value threshold can be met for new Pozzles, which heavily incentivises the Treasury to maximise its value-creation to support an accelerated growth of the Pozzleverse.

How is impact generated by Pozzles?

Each new Pozzle’s basket of impact-tokens gives it unique impact-attributes for investors looking to target certain sectors or categories for environmental and social impact.

To supply the impact-token sets for Pozzles, the Pozzle Treasury continuously acquires qualified impact-tokens from the market, as well as through limited bonding and DAO2DAO token swaps. The Pozzle Protocol therefore creates a powerful source of demand for impact-tokens, as well as adding value by transferring them into vehicles (Pozzles) that carry an overall higher value & desirability, sparking an exciting new market for impact-tokens.

Impact-tokens are curated and qualified with the objective of providing sustainable value (environmental, social and financial) with minimum short term volatility as well as anticipated steady price growth over the long term.

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