PlaypalDAO invests in the metaverse economy, develops tools for guilds and new DAO protocols, and provides liquidity to DAOs.

PlaypalDAO hack the digital world by creating largest infrastructure of metaverse.


Currently, the metaverse is developing rapidly by incorporating blockchain technology and crypto-assets. Among them, games are the biggest gateway to the metaverse, and a world where anyone can make money anytime on the metaverse through P2E games is already coming. In fact, with the advent of the scholarship system, many young people in developing countries are making a living from gaming instead of getting a job in the real economy. However, there is an emerging problem that the experience and trust gained within a particular game or guild cannot be applied to other communities, which will hinder the further development of the metaverse.

PlaypalDAO wants to solve this problems. By creating tools for gaming guilds, we will extend the network of guilds and ensure that their activities everywhere in the metaverse remain forever. PlaypalDAO will be a hub for gamers and guilds.

YGG and other gaming guilds have contributed to the development of blockchain game by bringing many new players into it, and we believe that the guild scheme will be useful for the future development of DAOs. We intend to develop the gaming guild structure and play a role in providing liquidity to various DAOs. In addition, we will be working on the development of payment and talent assessment tools that are essential for guild management, as well as the development of new DAO protocols.

Our ambitious project will attract talented and visionary community members, which will lead to even better initiatives and make the metaverse even more valuable.


Business activity

We will engage in the following activities to realize our vision.

1. Guild management

  • Scholarship business in P2E games

2. Investment

  • BCG
  • Invest in BCG assets
  • Support game creators by financial supports and providing early test users
  • NFT
  • Utilize the knowledge and network of the CEO, who owned BAYC.
  • DAO
  • Provide several DAOs with scalars' time and effort

3. DAO and subDAO

  • subDAO(1): Create tools for guilds and expand the network with guilds.
  • subDAO(2): Develop DAO protocol and provide it as a service
  • subDAO(3) Develop Defi protocols for loans, insurance, etc., mainly for unbanked people
  • subDAO(4): Develop a gaming engine

During the initial period, the founder team will take the lead in these activities. Scholarship and investment management projects will be conducted as subDAO, and the knowledge gained from these projects will be used to create tools for the guild. Ultimately, we plan to lead to the development of better DAO protocols and Decentralized services.

Of course, we hope that PlaypalDAO participants will launch various projects in the future!


We have already invested in the following games.

  • AxieInfinity
  • MycryptoHeros
  • ThetanArena

The games to invest in the future is below;

  • Illuvium
  • StarAtlas
  • Aurory
  • The Sandbox

Of course, we will expand the range of games  to invest and it will contribute to the development of metaverse economy.


We are planning to develop the following tools, and some of the tools for guilds have already been developed (e.g. payment automation tools).

Tools for guilds Scalar

  • Scalar management automation tool (payment, progress management)
  • Scalar Achievement Measurement Tool (Integrated evaluation of achievements in various guilds and games)
  • Recruitment support tool

DAO protocols

  • general-purpose HR tool (management of performance measurement, payment, etc.)
  • tool to evaluate achievements and trust in various DAOs
  • treasury management tool

Defi protocols for loans, insurance, etc.

We are thinking of providing services such as loans and insurance for people who do not have bank accounts, especially in developing countries. The HR protocol we are developing for DAOs should help to make this happen.

Gaming engine

I would like to create a game engine specialized for BCG and develop it into a general-purpose engine like unity, unreal engine.

Ideally, PlaypalDAO participants should be able to collaborate freely and make progress.

Thank you! We will send you more details soon!
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