Opolis was birthed by the vision of a more egalitarian global employment framework: A system that brings powerful tools and infrastructure to independent workers so that they can design their work-life in a way that suits their personal lifestyle preferences.

With an estimated 90 million self-employed workers by 2028 in the U.S. alone, current toolsets are either out-of-date or non-existent for this population of workers. Up to now, virtually all employment and HR technology is designed toward corporations as the primary ‘customer’. That is all about to change as we see the emergence of next-generation Employment Cooperatives like Opolis.

The employment cooperative was designed by those that use it; by independent workers for independent workers. Core characteristics of the Opolis platform are:

・The ecosystem is as permissionless as compliance will allow.
・For its users, it acts as a benevolent and neutral public utility.
・All stakeholder groups are incentivized around community growth.
・Value is created and shared equitably by all stakeholders.
・The ecosystem is owned by its users and used by its owners.
・Members contribute to important decisions about the network.


Employment Benefits
Let’s face it, a lot of us stick around in jobs we don’t like for the benefits. After all, we need to provide some level of safety and security for our families.  
Opolis ends this practice. You can now access top employee benefits to suit your needs.

Shared Services
Simplify your life and streamline business complexities with Opolis.You'll spend more time doing the things you love and less time on the 'necessary evils' of managing a small business.

$WORK Token reward
The Opolis Employment Commons is designed for a future that is based in stakeholder capitalism. Members are aligned and incentivized toward a shared purpose; a next-generation digital employment cooperative providing payroll, benefits and shared services for the independent worker.

$WORK Rewards are a unit of account for patronage distributions for Commons Members as well as determining the voting power of Employee Members. For full details, read our Tokenomics $WORKpaper.




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