NFThub is a directory, knowledge base, education center, and social network that is focused on streamlining the daily lives of anyone passionate about the NFT ecosystem and contributing to the mass adoption of NFTs.

NFThub has been designed (and redesigned) to exist as a resource portal and a solution to several widely-agreed-upon frustrations. The initial beta (opened Mar.1, 2021) focuses on frustrations share by most experinced members of the NFT community; of which the most common appeared to be the lack of a dynamic universal event calendar,  emphasis on financial status, and lack of awareness of projects/platforms/etc. with limited marketing.


In an effort to alleviate these concerns, NFThub has integrated a number of features, and is currently live in public beta accessible by anyone without any invitation or whitelist required; and with features that are intended to be beneficial to anyone, regardless of experience level or type of involvement in NFT's. Some, but not all, of the currently available features include:

- A public community calendar allowing anyone to submit events
- Permisionless registration to a community curated directory (inspired by Producthunt)
- Forums for open discussions around any appropriate topic [no racism, nudity, politics, etc.]  Topics don't need to relate to crypto/NFTs
- Custom social feeds focused on various topics, and the option to request new public or private feeds.
- A cross-network, permisionless, decentralized exchange allowing rapid trades of assets across different blockchains.
-  Open submission applications for content creators

Other features are included as well, and are intended to remain free and accessible without ever limiting accessibiliy based on a 'freemium' model.

Some upcoming features include
- DAO membership
- Eductional content/live dicussions
- Smart-Conract based referral proram
- Curated NFT drops by emerging artists


to aggregate information and social functions for NFT projects/events/communities/etc. in a decentralized and permisionless manner. Think ProductHunt for NFTs, with a bunch of additional bells and whistles.


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