Myco is a tool for bootstrapping abundance. It's an all-in-one platform for groups of people who have a shared set of goals and values— potential energy— to come together and convert that energy into real world action.

One of the central themes of Myco is collective ownership: the belief that the economic benefits which stem from work should be fairly shared among the group of people who contributed to its creation, in a way that promotes sustainable, long-lasting relationships.

While this blueprint may be applied to many different forms of organizations, to begin we are focussing specifically on what we call Digital Social Clubs: communities of like minded individuals who gather together on the internet. Our goal is to enable these groups to be anything they want to be: a community, a collective, a coop, a company.


When people launch Co's on Myco, they create a new space within which a community can co-create valuable media together. Instead of us (the platform) retaining any economic rights over the media that users produce within their Co's, all of it is instead co-owned by the Co.

To achieve this, each Co is itself a company (technically a Nevada-based Series LLC), which is launched as part of every new community. These LLCs are sort of like sub-companies below our parent umbrella Myco Space LLC, which owns and operates the platform that powers these Co's. By wrapping all of the activity in an LLC structure, we ensure that contributors are protected from individual liability resulting from the actions of the collective.

Each Co is also launched with its own native points system, which represent an equal share of profit rights stemming from the Co's various activities. Co's may select to have point holders participate in votes for certain decisions, as needed, but points do not automatically confer decision making rights to their holders.

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January 12, 2022


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