Movie Studio DAO's mission is to provide a crypto-native funding launchpad for talented creatives without access to the *ollywood studio machines. MSDAO Studios will finance and produce original films and series under the MSDAO Studios umbrella. The MSDAO community will vote on which scripts to produce, which projects to fund, hire filmmakers based on their vision and talent (and not their connections), and tell the stories that otherwise go untold. MSDAO is The Internet's Movie Studio.

The Problem

*ollywood (Bollywood, Hollywood, Nollywood, etc.) are closed systems to all but the lucky few that are able to break in without connections or massive bank accounts. This has denied access to talented Filmmakers, Screenwriters, and other creatives from telling their stories. While the newer distribution mechanisms, such as OTT, have been a refreshing change, the production value chain is still controlled by a handful of elite artists and franchises.

The Solution

A crypto-native movie studio and fundraising platform where the ownership of the movie studio is transferred to the community. With this ownership transfer, we will be able to leverage the collective knowledge of the community and create efficient decision-making and make great films while sustaining the organization through sales, merchandise, and other channels.

Creative art such as filmmaking knows no borders. The only way to ensure great stories are collectively encouraged and subsequently made, is by mobilizing action at a larger scale. The market is the most optimal solution we have at our disposal to produce movies that will be un-influenced by mainstream production houses and franchises at the scale required. This will consequently offer Directors a true sense of creative control to pursue storylines that may not fit into a tight box of whatever is the most profitable genre of the day, but rather gives rise to creativity, innovation, and entertaining stories without primary importance being their connection to a franchise or existing IP. To properly value good content and movies, we need to empower the community to make every major production decisions which includes voting on which script to produce, paying the screenwriter with treasury funds, which actors to cast, which Director or Production Company to hire, which locations to book, where to hold the premiere, etc. We also need to reward participation for those who participate in this movie studio market with value or influence, or both. Web3 is a perfect place to build this foundation where there is sufficient liquidity to have impact at scale, where smart contracts can securely and transparently govern transactions, and where contributions can be fairly incentivized.

DAO Structure

Proposed MSDAO Structure


Governance Process

Owners of the MSDAO NFT Season Pass for the current season constitutes official membership in the DAO. Membership gives the holder a voice about the future of the DAO as well as membership benefits. This document is a living document intended to be owned, modified, and enforced by the MSDAO community. As MSDAO grows we expect these processes to change based on community engagement.

Proposals and Voting

Any MSDAO member can submit proposals for the ecosystem to cast their votes. Tokens may even be granted as rewards to community members that create winning proposals for the DAO to implement. Proposals and voting will be related but not limited to the following subjects:

  • Technology
  • Products and projects
  • Token distribution
  • Governance structure



MSDAO is governed by the community via Snapshot using the $MSDAO Token and MSDAO NFT Season Pass.

Any member can put forward a proposal via Snapshot. All proposals must be submitted and approved by an Admin or Authorized User beforehand in the #snapshot-proposals Discord channel on the MSDAO Discord Server.

Any proposal not submitted and approved in the Discord channel by an Administrator or Authorized User will be considered invalid. Authorized Users are defined as users given the authority by the Admins to approve Snapshot proposals.

Snapshot Proposal Approval

Admins and Authorized Users will make every effort to approve proposals in a timely manner. If a proposal is denied, it is likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • The proposal would cause damage to the DAO
  • The proposal would benefit a single person or entity or a small number of people or entities and not the community
  • The proposal is low-effort or impossible to achieve if passed
  • The proposal does harm to another person or entity
  • The proposal is illegal, unethical, or immoral

MSDAO reserves the right to deny any Snapshot proposal in the interests of the DAO and community.


MSDAO is a group of filmmakers, entertainment professionals, developers and entrepreneurs who aim to pool their knowledge and expertise to drive change in the movie studio industry.

MSDAO is building an open-source, transparent community that will leverage the power of Web3 to fund and produce entertaining and thought-provoking movies outside of the traditional studio machines. E.g. Hollywood, Bollywood etc. and open a doorway for first-time Filmmakers and Screenwriters from around the world.

Value Accrual

Market Share of the Top Film Studios in the US and Canada

Market Share of Top Film Studios in US and Canada

Market Leaders

In 2020, Sony was the leading film studio in North America. With a domestic box office gross of 500 million U.S. dollars, the studio accounted for approximately 22 percent of that year’s total box office gross in the United States and Canada.

Powerhouse Disney has been ruling the domestic, international, and global box office for years. It was the first studio to hit the three billion U.S. dollar mark at the domestic box office in 2016, and since then, both the studio and the motion picture film industry clicked past that mark in 2018 and 2019 as well. In recent years, Disney has acquired several profitable companies and movie franchises like Fox, Marvel Studios, and 21st Century Fox to expand its movie portfolio and strengthen its monopoly position. Some of its most successful recent releases include ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ ‘The Lion King’, and ‘Black Panther’. In late 2019 the company launched its very own streaming service, Disney+, which is reportedly part of The Walt Disney Company’s long-term goal to grow its direct-to-consumer segment.

The Numbers

Return on Investment (ROI)

The median ROI is 27% for a studio-financed movie in the US. This figure is thought to be grossly undervalued due to Hollywood's creative accounting techniques.

MSDAO Treasury Goals

See Treasury Goals

How MSDAO Works

The quick-hit details

NOTE: This Whitepaper is a work-in-progress and some information may be outdated. The team is working diligently behind the scenes to build MSDAO and will update the Whitepaper ASAP.

At a high level, MSDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization which governs:


The community funding platform for filmmakers and creatives.


The production studio creating original films and series under the MSDAO Studios name.


The Initiative funding social good narrative films and documentaries.

MSDAO Funding

Community Funding

MSDAO Funding provides filmmakers and other creatives a platform for funding and community-building.

Creating a Project

You have a great idea for a film or series. Should you create a new project on moviestudiodao.xyz? That depends.

Helpful Tips

A new project should give the community a good sense of what the final film or series will be.

  • Visuals, visuals, visuals! Upload teasers, trailers, sizzle reels, concept art, or other visuals to paint a picture of your idea to the community.
  • Budget smartly. Understand and be realistic about your budget. You don’t always have to submit a budget breakdown but if your project involves massive amounts of vfx or stunt work, you should reflect that in the budget.
  • Don’t lie or overpromise. If you dont have Brad Pitt signed, don’t attach him to your project. Provide proof in your Project Page of any notable cast or crew attachments.
  • Show your previous work. Short films are a great showcase of your skill- include links to them. Make sure your IMDB is updated.
  • Write a killer logline and synopsis.

You’re Funded, Now What?

Make your project, update and engage your community, and fulfill your promises! MSDAO does not accept projects that have started shooting so this is the time you should be mobilizing your cast and crew for production.

50% of the funds (minus the 8% MSDAO fee) will immediately be released to the wallet address specified when setting up your project. 25% will be released upon the Project Creator’s request subject to a 3 day holding period. The final 25% will be released no earlier than 7 days after the second request and will be subject to the same 3 day holding period as the second release of funds.

Holding Period for Funds

50% of the funds will be held back and subject to refund to the community pledgers in the event of a rug pull, abandonment of project, fraud, unwillingness to fulfill benefits for NFT hodlers, or for any reason that will result in the project not being completed.

The holding period allows the community to vote to have a three-member arbitration panel decide on refunding the remaining funds to the community members that pledged to the project.

Refunds will be exceptional occurrences and will only be approved if the project creator has grossly defaulted on their duties to the community. PLEDGES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED BECAUSE THE COMMUNITY IS UNHAPPY WITH THE QUALITY OF THE PROJECT.


There shall be no transfer of rights for any project created under MSDAO Funding to MSDAO or any member. The Project Creator retains all rights afforded them unless they specifically attach those rights to a Non-fungible token (NFT) on the MSDAO platform and that NFT is purchased.

The Flow

Project Created > Community Token Pledges > Project Funded > Project NFTs Minted and Sent to Pledgers > Funds Released to Project Creator

Project NFTs

When pledging $MSDAO tokens, a Member is given the option of four NFTs, assigned a specific token amount.

  1. 1.
  2. Platinum Tier NFT - 500 $MSDAO
  3. 2.
  4. Gold Tier NFT - 250 $MSDAO
  5. 3.
  6. Silver Tier NFT - 100 $MSDAO
  7. 4.
  8. One of One Tier NFT - 5000 $MSDAO

Each NFT Tier holds specific utility benefits assigned by the Project Creator.

While the NFT may hold one of a number of benefits (be an extra, virtual or irl set visit, producer credit, digital download, etc.), the specific benefit will only be revealed during minting (except for the One of One NFT). Each benefit will have a rarity attached to represent the likelihood of your NFT carrying that benefit.

Visit the NFT Section for more detail.

MSDAO Studios

MSDAO Studios is the production company of MSDAO. THE MSDAO community will participate in all aspects of an original MSDAO Studios production.

MSDAO Member NFTs will grant special access to MSDAO Studios productions.

MS EnDAOment

Funding Projects for The Good of Humanity

Ten Percent of the MSDAO year-end treasury will be used to fund Social Good Projects via the MS En-DAO-ment Initiative.

What Constitutes "Social Good Projects"?

Feature film or documentary projects which focus primarily on topics that relate to the betterment of society, awareness of fundamental and important social issues, or uplifting projects aimed at raising the level of societal happiness.

MS EnDAOment is a non-partisan organization and will not fund any projects related to politics or controversial political agendas.

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