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Lead Full Stack Developer

Wilmington (NC), Remote




SKT Labs is actively seeking an experienced in-house Lead Full Stack developer that can dig into our current flow and continue to develop and build our entire ecosystem of brands. This job can be 100% Remote.

You will lead a growing a team, and this requires exceptional understanding of front end, back end and blockchain development. Experience with gaming is huge plus! This upside-side heavy role has a ton of room for advancement as we push our global brand to the next level. Apply today and experienced candidates will get a response within 24 hours or less!


  • Solidity
  • ERC-721, 1155, 20 tokens
  • Defi
  • Angular
  • SQL
  • Javascript
  • Node.js
  • WebGL
  • Unity - a huge plus
  • Jira, Asana and other management apps

More about SKT Labs

We are a nft production company responsible for the creation of the MonsterBuds global brand. We are bridging the gap between nft’s, cannabis and real-life events. Understanding what web3 has to offer, we push the limits for development in the space and innovation is where we like to live as a company.

Experience Needed to Be Successful:

  • Ability to lead and grow a remote team
  • Effective and clean coding skills
  • React.js
  • Solidity
  • Really good understanding of token assets (erc-20, erc-721, erc-1155)
  • MySQL
  • Angluar
  • Javascript
  • NodeJS
  • Unity a major plus

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WTF are MonsterBuds?

MonsterBuds is a cannabis-inspired NFT universe. You can buy, sell, breed, and smoke these Buds all on the platform. There are a total of 10,420 Generation 1 Buds and as they are bred, open up the MonsterBud universe to new generations. MonsterBuds utilizes a unique naming convention to explore the realm of fictional cannabis strains with a few rare, real-life strains added to the mix.


Our vision is to bring together NFTs and cannabis with real-world experiences, physical and digital goods, and play-to-earn gaming.

Launch Recap

We like our community how we like our Bud – organic. MonsterBuds cultivated a dope, organic community in the months leading up to launch. We gave our early supporters early access passes, the Puff Puff Pass, to allow them to mint MonsterBuds in a pre-sale and avoid gas wars. Around the time we launched, which was in September 2021, most projects minting cost 300-400 ETH in burned gas fees. The Puff Puff Pass (PPP) allowed us to save our community from gas wars and resulted in only 13 ETH burned during our entire mint period.

MonsterBuds minted out completely during our pre-sale period, which lasted about 8 hours. There were 9,555 Generation 1 Buds minted during pre-sale. Over the next few weeks, we found out that Jerry hid 865 MonsterBuds from the supply and was going to keep them to himself, however; Professor Deew suggested we allowed the rest of the Buds to be minted by our PPP holders. This brought the total supply of Generation 1 Buds to 10,420 plus 865 Puff Puff Passes.  


Head Budtenders

Greg Tumolo

Greg Tumolo is an entrepreneur who specializes in team building and using bleeding-edge technologies to enhance businesses. With multiple start-ups under his belt, he’s also raised 2.3 million for local schools and has won the 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year award. He started dabbling in cryptocurrencies in 2015 and really started to ramp up in 2017. In February of 2021, he was a victim of a hack that stole half of his crypto assets. Instead of quitting, he instead used the other half to start the entire MonsterBuds concept. On his off time, he enjoys surfing, traveling, and spending time with his wife, son, and adopted nephew.

Trevor Van-Meter

Trevor Van Meter is an award-winning illustrator and animator whose clients include, Google, Disney, Kanye and many others. TVM’s background includes illustration, animation, toy design, and game design. Trevor enjoys creating small impactful animated shorts that he publishes on social media as @HeyTVM. Trevor lives with his wife, daughter, and son in Wilmington, North Carolina.


Winjit Inc

Winjit specializes in designing strategic, state-of-the-art, AI-first approach solutions to all business problems. With more than 15 years of undertaking technical challenges and building robust AI solutions, Winjit establishes meaningful and ingenious strategies, maps curative solutions to help stand out within the automation industry.Winjit’s product – KonnectSense brings the abstraction layer of different DLT protocols that allows leveraging various public and private blockchain platforms for its underlying strength.

A generic framework to customize smart contracts irrespective of the blockchain platform and its ability to interact with stored procedures and other workflow processes present in conventional enterprise systems is the hallmark of KonnectSense.



Kush comes from an extensive background in marketing and video production. He’s built, managed, and produced marketing campaigns for some of the top brands and agencies in the world. Kush aims to bring together his two passions in life - cannabis and NFTs, and make MonsterBuds a global cannabis NFT brand.


Juke is the Chief Fuckery Officer at MonsterBuds. With over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing, and account management, Juke is the go-to for project partnerships and bringing value to the MonsterBud community. His favorite thing about MonsterBuds is the good vibes.


Pingouse comes from backgrounds in banking and VC-backed startups. After resigning from his trading desk brokering exotic equity derivatives, Pingouse went into crypto / NFTs full time in Q4 2020. Since joining MonsterBuds, Pingouse’s favorite thing so far is that it’s the chillest community in the land. Loves: getting barreled.

Charles Chambers

Charles has over five years working in marketing and sales. Also an active stock trader, Charles found his passion in NFTs and has since joined the MonsterBuds team with the intent of turning it into one of the biggest Web3 cannabis companies in the world. His favorite thing about MonsterBuds, besides the community and team members, is the gamification of cannabis.

Devin Alexander

Co-founder of I Love Trees. He is an entrepreneur, musician, and model from the Bay Area, CA. He has lived on all four corners of the country and has traveled to and worked in multiple states. With his love of cannabis it made a perfect fit to join the MonsterBuds team.

Cultivation Crew

Mr. M

By far one of the chillest Buds we have, Mr. M is an attorney at law and has been practicing since 2015. He’s also a member of the Cyprus Cannabis Association and has been crypto-friendly since 2019. Mr. M continually spreads good vibes and wants to inspire the people around him, one puff at a time.

Happy Hippie

Happy Hippie is a degenerate who loves art, cannabis, and community. After being in the NFT space for a year, he found MonsterBuds and immediately fell in love. MonsterBuds ties together his love for cannabis, gaming, and good vibes!

Osmosis Shmones

Osmosis is a music and event lover, curator, and lover of culture and community. Getting into music at an early age, Osmosis runs a record label with a collective of friends. When he found MonsterBuds, he dug into the community, art, and future gamification plans. Osmosis believes MonsterBuds will become the stoner’s blue-chip and wants to make it an awesome place for people to vibe, smoke, and game.


At MonsterBuds we move on a High Way! We’ve rocketed through Phase 1 of our roadmap and now we’re on track to turn this globe into an entire MonsterBud Universe.

Phase 1:

  • Puff Puff Pass
  • Minting
  • Smoking
  • Breeding
  • MonsterBud and Jerry Airdrops
  • Marketplace

Phase 2:

  • Favorite Buds
  • Smoke Board
  • PFP Maker
  • $DANK
  • Partner Drops
  • Smoking Gamification
  • Bid to Breed

Phase 3:

  • Marketplace Comments
  • P2E Smoke Session
  • MonsterBud Labs
  • MonsterBud CryoFarm

Phase 4:

  • Level 2 Deployment
  • ZK-snarks and ZK-rollups
  • MonsterBud RealVerse Experience
  • More crazy surprises!

Puff Puff Pass

The Puff Puff Pass (PPP) was given to our early supporters and was one of the first of its kind - an NFT that gave presale access to avoid high gas wars. During the months leading up to our launch, there were no established presale lists yet and traders had to participate in gas wars for mints, costing thousands of dollars in gas per transaction. The Puff Puff Pass solved this, only PPP holders were able to mint during the presale window, which was 24 hours before our public sale. There are a total of 865 Puff Puff Passes, no more will ever be created.

Since our launch, we've utilized our Puff Puff Pass as the MonsterBuds utility NFT. PPP holders have had free access to a number of premium benefits, including NFT claims, software access, free automatic presale spots for other promising projects, and most recently, VIP access to IRL cannabis events.

PPP Benefits To Date:

  • Free Nah Fungible Bone with 24hr presale
  • Free Generation 1 MonsterBud
  • flooredApe partnership w/ permanent free access
  • Free Jerry NFT OnChain Events presale
  • Neon Pantheon presale (500)
  • The Divine presale (300)
  • IX Panthers presale (750)
  • Whip Season presale (750)
  • Galaxy Fight Club Genesis Key presale
  • Metavillages presale
  • Expantum presale
  • Cali Vibes VIP tickets
  • Entity Builds Custom NFT World
  • Mintify presale
  • Meta Popit presale
  • ETHomes presale
  • Building Beaverz presale
  • Conium Partnership with free premium features
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