Mirror is a suite of web3-native publishing and economic tools powering the next generation of creators, communities, and DAOs.

Mirror users can publish posts, launch tokens and crowdfunds, create and sell NFTs, and use governance and community tools, within a tightly integrated web3 product.

Mirror is evolving to support creators, communities and DAOs throughout their whole lifecycle. We're expanding the toolkit to support community management, robust governance tools, dynamic token and NFT marketplaces, and into new high-impact areas.

We are a small, passionate team that has been building in crypto for years. We aspire to build products that are beautiful and intuitive, without compromising on user-sovereignty or decentralization.


“Through a decentralized, user-owned, crypto-based network, Mirror’s publishing platform revolutionizes the way we express, share, and monetize our thoughts.”

To bring crypto mainstream by onboarding the next million creators to launch DAOs, start communities, and mint tokens + NFTs.


Post it. Fund it. Back it. Drop it. Split it. Mint it.

Mirror’s robust plugin ecosystem supercharges your ideas and projects. The possibilities are endless.

Launch a crowdfund
Raise funds for your latest idea or community project.

Release NFT editions
Not just an NFT–editions compose with crowdfunds and become the bedrock of your community.

Embed NFTs
Easily embed an NFT from all the most popular marketplaces.

Split it up
Automatically direct proceeds to collaborators, inspiration and more.

Drop tokens
Create and distribute tokens to grant special stakes in your community.


Mirror DAO Contributor Opportunities

Want to collaborate in the Mirror DAO? Please join our Discord Channel here! If you'd like to participate in a more official capacity, please see the applications below.

  • Community Managers - Join the meta-guild on creating a rewarding space, governance process, and engagement roadmap.
  • DAO Contributor Form - Participate in a project (or many), build together, and help accomplish the Mirror mission.

Thank you! We will send you more details soon!
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