Taking a comprehensive approach to women-led initiatives: inspiring women to enter our world and making space for what they bring! A public good. We are seeking 10 partners at $100,000 each to form a $1M fund. Smaller donations are also welcome. We can begin formative work on the project with as a little as $25,000.

Meta Gamma Delta has a track record of giving grants to women-led projects in Web3 since its summoning at ETHDenver in 2019. This is a $1M fund to expand that effort: at the heart of it, if we want to empower women by supporting their initiatives, we're going to need to open the door to more women. We propose to create an end-to-end solution that attracts more women into the space, creates opportunities for them to succeed and opens the way for the blossoming of the ecosystem. We see this as an essential public good. After all, the best solutions to the widest problem set will come from diverse people and perspectives. It's not only how you coordinate, but who's in the room when you do.

We believe that to really move the needle, we need an end-to-end solution:

  • Find potential new talent, and knock down their barriers to entry
  • Provide robust educational opportunities through scholarships with major educational partners. (In 2021, Consensys provided scholarships for 10 Meta Gamma Delta members to Consensys Developer Bootcamp, an inspiring model.)
  • Create or partner on a basic income program that supports women while they are gaining skills and onboarding (3-6 months for women who are accepted into the program).
  • Provide mentorship and other resources from Meta Gamma Delta and partners.
  • Through these partnerships and our network, help with job placement upon completion of the program.
  • Continue to support women-led initiatives and startups, creating a wider footprint by actively sourcing more projects through hackathons and by other means.

MGD has been an all-volunteer operation. To deliver on a project of this magnitude, we will need to conduct a discovery phase, create paid workstreams, recruit skilled workers and create a pilot program to test the concept:

  • Create a pilot program for 3-5 women for the first round of the program
  • Partnership development
  • Program development: develop structure around the path from onboarding through education to job placement or startup initiative, and create paths for developers as well as some specific non-technical paths in areas of need for the ecosystem: marketing, project management, business development, etc.
  • Recruiting program including incentives and bounties, actively identifying good candidates from traditional companies, educational institutions, or related fields, and attracting them to apply.
  • Documentation of all of the above, with detailed milestones and budget for successive phases.
  • Success metrics and questionnaires for an ongoing assessment of the program.
  • Evaluate and apply innovative compensation models and universal basic income programs

We expect to spend about $25,000 to create a roadmap, including detailed budget and milestones, and also to set up key partnerships in this phase. Based on that, we can run a pilot program onboarding 3-5 women. We expect to produce results from that program that can be further iterated by others, and we would use that information to inform the further expansion of the program to more women. This will be the most comprehensive diversity initiative we know of to date in Ethereum and the DAO space.

About the Team

Though we are seeking funds to build a new program, this may partially be considered retroactive public goods funding. We have a track record as an early, inclusive and well-regarded Moloch DAO supporting women. We hold monthly calls that cover a wide range of topics from learning about DeFi protocols such as Aave, to discussing legal issues in the DAO space, and even sharing PR tips to get more awareness for your project. We’ve provided grants to DeFi dapps such as Good Ghosting, publications like The Defiant, and art initiatives like DADA collective.

We currently have about 80 members: web3 entrepreneurs, developers, experts, and educators. We have the capacity to provide meaningful mentorship in various aspects of Ethereum. Meta Gamma Delta members are accomplished in their areas of expertise.

Partnerships are essential to this initiative, gathering assistance from all quarters, but also - importantly - enabling other DAOs, companies, and entities to collaborate on this major public good. In particular, we propose to partner with other DAOs to fill out the workstreams. We will need a variety of people to design and implement this ambitious program. We may look to Raid Guild cohorts, Metagame, Padawan DAO, and others - and create not only workstreams for their members but also a meaningful trade of value in terms of mentorship and opportunity.

If funded for a minimum of $25,000, our first task will be to convene a working group of 5-10 MGD members to jumpstart this initiative. We will engage with other diversity initiatives such as Panvala’s Women-Led Coalition and Jovian to inform the development of this work.

The timeline should be about a year, with the first three months dedicated to mapping out the rest. We will make all of our work products public and accessible so others may track our progress and copy our models as desired.

We made a proposal to MolochDAO to be a cornerstone partner in this major initiative. Have questions? Want to partner? We'd love to chat with you.

Thank you! We will send you more details soon!
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