Who We Are:

Medaverse DAO is a community of nurses, physicians, allied health professionals, scientists, patients, students, entrepreneurs, designers, writers, developers, and more.
We represent a diverse set of backgrounds, opinions, skills, and expertise. We share certain values related to decentralization, patient and provider empowerment, and grassroots healthcare reform. We each believe in a brighter healthcare future and work together make it a reality.

What We Do:

Medaverse is an impact DAO which means our core purpose is to positively influence our institutions, our communities, and society at large. We seek to rearchitect the way healthcare is delivered in the United States. We accelerate the pace of innovation by breaking down barriers to interdisciplinary coordination. We relentlessly strive towards a more cost-effective, equitable, and scalable healthcare ecosystem.

Here are some aspirational examples of what we’re working towards:

  • Disintermediate legacy middlemen by embracing smart contract reimbursement (i.e. insurance companies).
  • Empower the providers that make healthcare possible in ways that safely minimize red tape (e.g. accelerating adoption of direct primary care).
  • Improve the lives of those around us by fundraising and donating to charity (e.g. RIP Medical Debt).
  • Modernize and streamline the patient experience (i.e. promoting Web3 technology adoption).

Our Core Principles:

Decentralized Governance

We put decision making into the hands of the collective. Our future vision and direction are decentralized, iterative, and driven by our members; not premeditated. Our strengths lie in being flexible and tolerant of the chaos that comes along with community ownership.

Embrace Differences

Not all opinions will be unanimous. We learn from each other. We encourage people to speak up and challenge any initiative or proposal which goes against the core ethos of Medaverse DAO.

Innovative Culture

We empower our community to continually drive new initiatives by providing a space to self-organize and quickly move from idea to action. We reward action and embrace risk. We create legitimacy through an environment where the best ideas win.

True Meritocracy

Those that put in the most meaningful and impactful work are rewarded proportionately. Those with the most “influence” are those who are adding the most value. Our success will emerge from the community’s own willingness to contribute, self organize, and collaborate.

Radical Transparency

We are as transparent as possible in all regards. All records are public and easily accessible. This includes finances, meeting notes, project plans, and communications. Everything can be audited and verified.

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