Ethereum also gets attacked by detractors, some spreading misinformation — and it lacks an organized entity to respond to these misinformation campaigns.
A unified marketing organization should ensure that the strengths, value propositions, and vision of Ethereum are well communicated and understood, despite its complexity. As marketers, communications professionals, and designers, we want to step up and take on that responsibility, working closely with aligned groups across the space.


Accompanying rapid increases in user preference, adoption, and loyalty, it’s time to launch a concerted and organized effort to coordinate the presentation and growth of the Ethereum brand. To this end, a group of like-minded individuals has launched the Ethereum Marketing DAO to surface, fund, and execute the right marketing efforts to benefit Ethereum and its thriving ecosystem.
Through clear communication, we believe Ethereum can become widely understood for what it is: a powerful blockchain platform that can help businesses, economies, governments, and communities transform for the better.

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January 12, 2022


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