We are creating the first web3 interactive TV channel, starting with a dating show anyone can participate in.


The Crowdfund
Backers will receive special NFTs that act as a ticket into the show.

Episode 0
We are starting this project off with a pilot, or as we like to call it, Episode 0. This fall, be in the room where it happens.

NFT Ticket Drop
We will drop new tickets for purchase for those that did not get to participate in the initial crowdfund.

Casting Call It is the community's job to nominate and collectively crowd-source contestants for the initial cast.

Season 0
Season 0 will take place over 6 weeks Winter 2022 with new episodes aired every Sunday night. Vote in new contestants each week.

The Mad Realities DAO
Down the line, Mad Realities will be a DAO.


TLDR: Mad Realities is reimagining entertainment for the modern world - focusing on shared experience, co-creation and ownership.


Buying a Mad Realities Genenis Membership Pass


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January 12, 2022


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