LinksDAO is creating the modern golf & leisure club. A global community of thousands of enthusiasts has come together to create one of the world's greatest golf clubs - and reimagine the country club.What governance rights will LinksDAO Membership Card holders have?

The proposal, approval, and execution of non-financial LinksDAO matters, including, but not limited to…

Approval of LinksDAO functional operating committees

Physical club selection process and approval, as proposed by the relevant operating committee

Club rules, including culture, activities, design, and overall vision

Club membership rules and admissions policies Marketing, partnerships and sales


New Year's Eve 2021:On 12/31 (New Year's Eve 2021), we will drop the LinksDAO Membership NFTs. These NFTs will allow for community access, governance, a wide variety of perks, and games in the near term. They will be the key to unlock membership at LinksDAO's first golf & leisure club.

Early 2022:In early 2022, the LinksDAO community will organize into a DAO tasked with creating the club of our collective dreams and identifying the first course to acquire and create that experience.

Mid 2022:In mid-2022, the LinksDAO community will support the acquisition of one of the world's greatest golf courses.

Know which course we should buy? Join the Discord and tell us. Late 2022 - Early 2023:In late 2022 and early 2023, the community will open the first LinksDAO Club location.

2023 & Beyond:In 2023 and beyond, the LinksDAO community will expand to additional locations and begin to create a global membership and IRL community that rivals, yet redefines, all membership clubs that have come before.


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