This is a curation site where you can contribute to DAOs and earn token rewards; you can earn predetermined bounties by completing tasks on DAOs that are linked to Layer3.


We provide a marketplace of bounties where users can earn governance tokens by doing things as simple as putting out a tweet or as complex as re-designing a front-end.

Earn crypto by contributing to a DAO
Discover a community
Decide which community you want to contribute to. We recommend picking a community you really vibe with – hop into a discord to check it out.
Either complete a pre-approved bounty (via a community's Layer3 page) or earn for your content via impression mining (read more here).
Submit your deliverable and wallet address via the claim button on a task page.
We Verify
We review your deliverable & verify that you successfully completed the task.
You Get Crypto
Earn crypto for completing the bounty.

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January 12, 2022


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