NBA Analytics Article Writers #1


*Looking for folks to write articles about basketball for KrauseHouse's new Basketball Analytics website. Topics of interest range from analytical to NBA news to fantasy. Basically, any cool ideas you have for geeking out on Bball!

*Writers are expected to produce min 1-2 articles a week (min 500 words) and will be conpensated on a per article basis.

*Skills Required: knowledge and love for NBA, some writing skills

*Acceptance Criteria: articles will be reviewed before posting and must meet min. quality level

Launch & Maintain Instagram Account #2


Task Details

Launch & maintain the official Krause House Instagram account. Commitment to get account up and running, and bring in min 1,000 followers

Skills Needed

Demonstrated experience with large and successful instagram account(s). Bonus if you have experience and working knowledge of basketball bc WAGBAT

Acceptance Criteria

A google doc with outline of your experience and portfolio

▶︎Win a bounty💰


Community of hoops fanatics that are crazy enough to purchase and operate an NBA team as a DAO


Joe Ingles Season 2 is underway.

We break down our work into "Seasons." Currently, we’re in Season 2—named after a favorite #2: Joe Ingles. This Season we’re experimenting with new compensation and governance systems, exploring L2 strategy, legal engineering for team ownership in multiple jurisdictions, and developing the Krause House brand and media strategy.


Our long-term vision is to empower fans of every professional franchise to collectively have real ownership of the organization. To us, this means both: 1) equity (e.g. own X% of shares), and 2) influence in governance - not just one or the other.We understand the reader’s first instinct may be to scoff at this and say owners will never let this happen. It’s important to understand that there was a time not too long ago where players were at the same place on the totem pole where fans are today. Through the use of technology, savvy, and understanding how critical they are to the business, the ownership by players (both tangible and unrealized) has grown immensely within the last 10 years. There’s no reason fans can’t do the same if organized correctly.


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January 12, 2022


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