We provide fast funding for early web3 projects. Receive up to $1M by filling out a simple application. You’ll receive a decision within 1 week.


An ecosystem of web3 projects

Receive up to $1M in funding and the benefits of the Hyperscale ecosystem in a matter of days.


The global internet economy is inevitable and we're catalyzing it. Using an economic graph we’ll become the most effective capital allocator in the world.

Blockchains have enabled a global internet economy where DAOs will replace corporations. This global economy allows people to securely conduct business & democratize access to opportunities. Anyone from around the world, without knowing each other, can plug into this economy and be rewarded.

This economy can be visualized with a graph where the nodes are DAOs or contributors. Since blockchains are public we're able to use them to build this graph.  Nodes with a high number of relevant connections—centers of commerce—are indicative of value: their consumption and production volumes are high.

We invest in the DAOs and contributors that have the potential to be well connected nodes in the graph.

We're starting by investing in small projects that have the potential to become central nodes. Our initial focus is tooling DAOs (but we’re open to any DAO that’ll support the ecosystem) as they'll be well-connected nodes in this new economy.

Our initial ecosystem—tooling DAOs—will use DAOs outside of the ecosystem. As a fund, we'll invest in these DAOs on the frontier & they'll join the ecosystem. When projects within the ecosystem are producers and consumers of the ecosystem an economy emerges. Projects can rapidly gain traction. As the economy grows everyone within the ecosystem does well.

Founders don't just receive funding. They gain access to an ecosystem of DAOs to work with, a support network of founders, and the ecosystem's talent network. The Hyperscale ecosystem is ready to assist with top-tier developers, designers, governance experts, legal advisors, & much more! Contributors can solve problems for the new economy and are rewarded with tokens.


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