HAI DAMO is a DAO-operated Asset Management Organization. More plainly, a DAO that specifically governs the management of assets. In this case specifically, it is the management of the composition of decentralized investment vehicles. The crypto asset class is still in its infancy, lacking many of the complex financial instruments that typically define more mature asset groups. Consequently, crypto investments are subject to extreme volatility and are thus unattractive to risk-averse investors. Their entrance into the crypto asset class will create an inflow of trillions of dollars, which makes for a sizable bounty for whoever can provide a vehicle to these investors. By providing decentralized investment vehicles to less risk-tolerant players, HAI DAMO has the potential to claim a piece of the trillion-dollar bounty while legitimizing crypto assets across the entire ecosystem.


Goodbye 2 and 20, Hello DAMO.
For years asset managers have been getting away with charging unprecedented fees for only a benchmark performance. DAMO opens doors to a new frontier for asset management.

Cheaper Fee Structures
TradFi has been known to charge clients with various fees such as low balance fees, wire transactions fees and more. Decentralized integrations eliminate this gratuitous leakage.

Risk-Adjusted Returns
Decentralized Investment Vehicles are designed to provide the end user with exposure to top assets in their respective space. DIVs will provide better risk-adjusted returns than any single asset.


Users can join our community discord and start actively participating the ecosystem. All insights and contributions are welcomed while we get governance up and running. Other ways to get involved include staking, capitalizing and minting. You can stake DAMO in return for sDAMO rewards. Providing collateral for Decentralized Investment Vehicles (DIVs) is a method of minting DIV tokens. The Capitalization Method is an essential piece of the puzzle, allowing the protocol to own liquidity rather than rent it. Liquidity providers (LP) can deposit their LP tokens and DIV tokens to receive either discounted DAMO or ERC-20s.

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January 12, 2022


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