Fingerprints DAO is focused on curating, collecting, and promoting smart contracts as art. While doing this, we believe we’ll also build one of the most valuable DAO treasuries over the next decade and provide a framework for other DAOs to follow.


This collection starts with 20 Autoglyphs with rarities from #1 to #7, amounting to 4% of the total supply. It’s the 3rd largest Autoglyph collection in the world.
It was assembled during the few months by a small group of Brazilians led by Luiz (aka DT) and Shira.
Fingerprints was a DAO first, a collection second. The founding members are entrepreneurs and the idea was always to build a living organism, well beyond the initial collection.

We are a collective of individuals who have experience in a wide variety of areas. This includes, but is not limited to, entreprenuers, artists, curators, crypto-natives, attorneys, finance professionals, developers, members of other emerging DAOs, and much more.

NFTs that can be fully recreated from their fingerprints on the blockchain are cultural artefacts that can live as long as the internet exists. The innovation of NFTs is not in linking to an artwork stored elsewhere, but in the token being the artwork itself.

The DAO collaborates with creators to build experiments at the intersection of art, economics and social coordination. Fingerprints has the 3rd largest collection of Autoglyphs, the largest collection of DEAFBEEFs, one of the largest collection of Mutant Garden Seeders and other significant pieces.

Why On-Chain Matters

Autoglyphs were the first fully on-chain art. Created in 2019, they’re a completely self-contained mechanism for the creation and ownership of an artwork.

There are 3 types of NFT:
1.fully centralized NFTs (like NBA Top Shot), where no information is in a public blockchain;

2.“pointers”, NFTs where the certificate of provenance is on a public blockchain, but the artwork itself is elsewhere;

3.fully on-chain NFTs

Most NFTs fall under the first two categories. Surprisingly few NFTs today attempt to use the blockchain itself as medium and storage.

But we believe this is the true lasting story of this current hype cycle. The innovation of NFTs is not to have a database of certificates of provenance linked to an artwork stored elsewhere. The innovation is to have the token be the artwork itself.

Fully on-chain NFTs are the closest you can get to holding a physical artwork. For a DAO, an organization that puts decentralization first in its acronym, holding on-chain NFTs should matter even more than to an individual.

This is the rationale for our decision to start with Autoglyphs and to focus on on-chain artwork.


Fingerprints DAO’s mission is to assemble the greatest collection of smart contracts used as art in the world. This happens through collecting and creating.

how to join

You can enjoin in everything the DAO offers, along with voting rights that control the DAO, by buying $PRINTS ERC-20 token. Visit the #otc channel in the Fingerprints DAO Discord.


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