At FilmmakerDAO, we coordinated efforts from filmmakers,technologists, and art lovers who believe in the power of film.

We believe filmmakers should have more ownership of their careers, and more sovereignty over the IP they create.

We recognize that the current landscape of distribution options does not provide commensurate upside for the storytellers and artists whose work populates these platforms.

We seek to become a diverse and open community from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and specialties unified and aligned in the vision to build more equitable distribution strategies for the filmmaking industry.


The Storytelling Card collection is the FilmmakerDAO NFT series for season 0. Each card is a generative storytelling ERC721 token created and stored on-chain.

This collection was created and written by one of our core members, bt3gl, and all proceeds will be donated to our treasury, a Gnosis multi-sig wallet.

We thought Loot was a great project to spur further creative thought, and we hope Filmmakers can carry on that idea.


We are film storytellers, producers, and enthusiasts on a mission to empower every human on Earth to tell stories.


1.Follow us on Twitter. 2.Join the FilmmakerDAO Discord. 3.Become a member by getting your own Storytelling Card. 4.Help us build our community by joining one of our Pods. 5.Shake up the film Industry with homies!


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