Here at elfDAO, we are elves - the workers, builders, and contributors of holiday cheer. We elves see the activity of gift-giving as one of the best ways to use our platform to share cheer to children. And we're sick of seeing "Santa" never show up for children less fortunate.

That's why we've created elfDAO - to fund, organize, and donate gifts to institutions, orphanages, and low-income neighborhood centers bring holiday joy to as many children as possible.


We are raising funds using Juicebox. On our Juicebox site, contributors can directly donate any amount in ETH before December 31st.

The $GIFT Token
All contributors will receive governance tokens proportional to your donation size, at a 670,000 $GIFT/ETH ratio. Governance tokens give you voting power within elfDAO, meaning that you’ll help decide how our funds are spent. The tokens’ sole purpose is for governance and voting rights for elfDAO’s use of funds.

The core team will receive 33% of governance token supply as donations flow in through Juicebox. This will be used to make sure that the team has a meaningful say in governance.

After the project ends, the core team’s token allocation will be burned.

To thank our contributors for their generous contributions, we will be offering thank you NFTs for contributors to mint. The mint eligibility for the NFTs varies based on your Juicebox contribution amount. There will be three NFTs available to the public: Santa, Reindeer, and Elf.

・If you donated 0.1 ETH or more, you will be eligible for an Elf NFT token.
・If you are one of the first 970 contributors to donate 0.5 ETH or more, you will be eligible for a Reindeer NFT token.
・Our Santa NFTs will be airdropped to the top five contributors to our Juicebox at the end of the fundraising period.
Note that each wallet (other than that of the top five contributors) will only be eligible for one NFT. If you are one of the first 970 contributors to donate 0.5 ETH or more, you can claim only the Reindeer NFT and not an additional Elf NFT.

We are also reserving some Worker Elf NFTs for community members who have made outsized contributions towards this project. They hold no governance value and will simply serve as a personal memento for the project (not to be resold).


One in ten families1 can’t afford to buy gifts this year because of financial strain made worse by the pandemic. There are 74 million kids under 18 in the US. That’s 7.4 million kids missing out on the joys of the holidays in the US alone! We care about those kids. That’s why we’re aiming for a big but worthwhile goal.

We want to raise $1,000,000 USD by December 31st. At $25 USD2 per gift, our goal is to give 40,000 kids a gift this holiday season.


For many kids around the globe, the holidays mark some of the most special days of the year. However, let's remember that there are many kids that don't get to celebrate the holidays like we do.

In a world where we can utilize awesome tools like DAOs and Defi to fund community projects, it's a no-brainer for us to help children have a happy holiday season.


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