Dtravel is above all a community in the travel ecosystem. An overarching and perennial goal of the Dtravel community is to build a platform to support the community. An immediate sub-goal is to build the key component of this platform: a true marketplace for home sharing that brings together hosts and guests, minimizing and decentralizing intermediation between them.


The home sharing platform shaped by you

A decentralized and community-governed platform with a cost effective and fair fee model.

The Dtravel Ecosystem
Say hello to low fees, crypto payment options and aligned interests.

TRVL Token
TRVL powers activities within the Dtravel ecosystem.

Dtravel DAO
DAO governance enables all TRVL holders to participate in platform decisions.

Premium VIP Members
The Premium Member NFT a digital card that grants holders exclusive travel perks.

Hosts can earn additional revenue by participating in platform operations.

User Governance
All TRVL token holders—hosts, guests and members—get a voice and a vote.

Protection Pool
We offer US$1,000,000 in property protection for Dtravel hosts.


We believe that platforms facilitating bookings between property hosts and guests should provide an opportunity for all users to voice their preferences, vote on decisions, and contribute directly toward the growth and success of the entire ecosystem. After all, who better to make these decisions than those using the platform?
Through tokenized platform voting and initiatives like DAO grants and Support-to-Earn programs — both of which incentivize member contribution — Dtravel is redefining what it means to be part of a global community.
This is what home feels like to us. This is the world of Dtravel.



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January 12, 2022


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