As we go into a web3 and metaverse world, where we believe work will be more decentralised, where people have more ownership of their time and skills, we need more solutions bordering on decentralised sharing and utilization of our skills and tasks. Also, for building communities and organising how you build, you also need a project planner and sometimes this is more than one person’s task. With more people willing to work from home and handle many tasks in concurrence, they need a place where they are able to offer their time and skills according to their capacity. This is what Dework is here to offer.

To get to Dework we have to go through Trello.

In 2016 Annelise Schoups wrote that “… nearly everyone is in need of new methods to maintain productivity through the madness. Luckily, the technology industry is keeping up. And rightfully so, as the sector is likely both a contributor to and a provider of solutions for the shift.” According to Fog Creek co-founder Michael Pryor, Trello was coined from the word trellis which is a kind of support for trees and plants. Trello is a web based project management platform founded in 2011 but acquired in 2014 by Atlassian. It helps people organise and share work together regardless of them being in the same office space or not. It has had Slack, GitHub and Salesforce app integrations for its paid users since 2015. Trello includes a digital dashboard for creating, organizing, and optimizing actions, as well as tools for defining projects and their criteria. The card system allows team members to connect and collaborate on projects by adding comments, links, files, and photographs to project cards.

Dework on Twitter: “Today, Dework is launching. Dework is a: 1. web3-native project management tool 2. bounty platform 3. web3-native LinkedIn All in one 🤯 🧵 https://t.co/yK5o48nQzR" / Twitter

Dework is a web3-based Trello derivative with more functionality. In Dework you are having a LinkedIn, a bounty platform and a project management tool rolled up together. Users can create task boards and move tasks between them. Tasks can be created and people apply to claim them. This eases progress monitoring, division of labor and community building with everybody feeling they are getting their worth for the work they do.

With DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisations) looking for means to plan and develop the different aspects of their community — taking note of four pillars which are necessary for the stability of any community: Governance, Task, Reputation and availability of talent — on the go, this is a much needed solution coming in at the right time. Users can build their portfolios off of the tasks they complete via the site and gain both points and tokens. Dework has also integrated Discord so it all feels like using one big super app. You get to network and collaborate with just few clicks. The website is very easy to use and navigate.


This is a really sound proposal and a good way to work in the DAO building cycle of crypto. Jobs are placed on advert pages as bounties and if you’re up to it, application is straightforward. You can narrow or sort your search with keywords. With more innovations around this idea, the future of work feels a little more reassuring.

How does it all work?

Dework Homepage

.Once you go to the Dework website, you will see a ‘Popular Projects’ tab and an ‘Open Bounties’ tab as well as a ‘Connect’ button on the top right corner which brings up a list containing wallets you can use to accept payments for the jobs you were assigned and have completed, and options to connect Discord and Github. The wallets integrated so far are Hiro wallet and Metamask.

Once you connect a wallet you’re led to an on-boarding page where you watch a demo video to learn about the site before setting up your first DAO or setting up your personal profile. From this point you can begin exploring the different projects and bounties for the ones you have the skills and capability to work for or with.

Welcome Page on Dework
Bounties Page

From my initial review, this is a pretty straightforward web app and it is easy to navigate. DAOs can leverage on this to build efficiently and with proper division of labour and task tracking mechanisms. The team continue to ship updates based on suggestions by their community. Amazing response time to queries and they also have their own DAO in the app where anyone can participate and build Dework with them. It is still new so there aren’t a lot of jobs but the ones available seem fairly priced. There are both tech and non-tech jobs available, so there is ideally something for everyone. You can be paid in different tokens depending on the task. So far I have seen bounties in MATIC, DAI, USDC, ETH, FOSSIL, ALGB etc. I honestly can’t wait until more people know about this brilliant technology solution.

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January 12, 2022


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