#1 Flex your DeGod


Post a selfie of you with your DeGod.

Print out a picture of your DeGod in your biggest flex flick yet.
The outcome should be an Instagram-worthy moment with you and your DeGod. But don’t forget, the goal of this bounty is to flex. This is the time to show-off your lambos, mansions, sick views or your crazy desktop setups (so you degens who don’t know sunlight can participate too).

#2 Make a Meme


Make the funniest meme including DeGods.

Make a high-quality, high-effort meme that makes people laugh that relates to DeGods. Funniest or most viral meme wins.
Bonus: If you are really great / consistent at making memes, you will be interviewed and considered to be the page manager for our secret meme page we’ll be launching soon.



DeGods is a Solana-based deflationary collection composed of 10,000 virtual gods showcasing artistry with their creative outfits and eye-feast colors.

DeGods’ can be purchased on Alpha Art and Magic Eden, which are currently the only marketplaces authorized by the team to sell the collection’s NFTs.

After purchasing a DeGod, a holder can finally join the collection’s holders-exclusive Discord Community and verify their assets to gain access to DeDAO channels. DeDAO will be discussed in detail later in the article.

DeGods’ rarity can be analyzed on the collection’s official rarity explorer or on the unofficial explorer, a ranking spreadsheet created by one of the community members.

DUST Token

DUST Token, the collection’s native digital currency, is an SPL token with a maximum supply of 33,300,000.

Token holders are informed that DUST will have three (3) halving periods, and each halving will slash the token’s staking rewards by 50%.

Two Way of Earning DUST Tokens


DeGods holders can earn 10 DUST tokens per day by staking their NFTs, giving them a seamless passive income and ready ROI mechanism.


Holders can also burn their DeGods, and once their ‘god’ has been burned, it is eliminated from the circulation, which can also help increase the value of the entire DeGods collection.

The team will soon launch a burning dApp to facilitate the burning of DeGods to enable holders to earn DUST tokens from the DeDAO Treasury.

StarDust and DeadGods

Holders can turn their DeGod into a ‘DeadGod’ by minting a special concoction called ”StarDust” for 1000 DUST tokens.

DeadGods will not inflate the collection’s supply because DeGods and DeadGods are identified as one. Holders who acquire a DeadGod will not have a new, separate NFT, but just another version of their DeGod.

With this, what’s the real benefit of having a DeadGod in the first place? By burning a DeGod (with) a DeadGod, holders can acquire double DUST tokens, compared when burning a DeGod alone.

Also, they can switch between an image of a DeGod and a DeadGod whenever they want to enhance their NFT’s physical features.

Holders are also reminded that once their DeGod is purchased, the buyer will automatically acquire their DeadGod as well.

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