Over 4000 DAOs and 1.6 million people are aggregated and analyzed on DeepDAO’s discovery engine Financial and governance data on all nodes of this vast network of people, their organizations and tokens Plus a dashboard of the tools that make it all work


DAO treasuries now hold tokens worth billionsDeepDAO allows you to search for detailed information on over 4000 organizations.

Kudos to our friends from Snapshot, Aragon, Daohaus, DAOstack, Gnosis, and many others for creating the DAO launcher platforms that enable DAOists to get their DAOs up and running.

To fully understand the ecosystem it is imperative to go beyond the organizations, and consider the people within them as well as their mutual interactions. Every potential voter on Ethereum (other chains are coming later in the year) has a profile on DeepDAO People. Simply search by address, eth domain, or name.


What an incredible year 2021 was for the DAO ecosystem.In this new era of decentralized governance, the numbers of existing DAOs grew by a hundredfold.

DAO treasuries now hold tokens worth billions of dollars in USD, the number of DAO tokens has soared, people have joined the governance movement in droves.

DeepDaoh is A robust listings, analytics, and discovery engine for exploring and analyzing communities, activities, people and governance across the DAO ecosystem. Listing, ranking and analyzing DAOs from all platforms and chains is our core mission.

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