DAOstack is a full software stack for building and running decentralized, autonomous organizations: DAOs.

DAOs are organizations that run on peer-to-peer software backbones and empower groups of people to make non-hierarchical decisions about shared resources, like funds.

Those working on DAOstack believe these structures have the potential to change the world, by making collaboration radically more accessible, direct, and scalable.

DAOstack aims to support the entire process of building DAOs, and so the stack currently includes everything from basic peer-to-peer decision-making modules to a fully functional user interface that requires no technical knowledge.


Below is a high level diagram of DAOstack's architecture:

This section covers the main elements of the stack:

  • smart contracts
  • subgraph
  • frontend library
  • applications (dapps)

The DAOstack project is building a modular, open-source software stack for DAOs that includes a library of governance protocols and friendly interfaces for creating and managing DAOs.




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