A learning DAO exploring the impact of crypto on culture and society. We are building the Liberal Arts for Crypto. "We are gonna learn together".


Token holders get to participate in the live discussions with authors and experts, and get a full seminar-like in-class experience. All content otherwise will be released publicly for anyone to follow along.

All token-holders receive an NFT to certify and commemorate their involvement with this movement that integrates online learning and crypto.

Token holders will be able to vote on aspects of the syllabus and funding.


We want people who care about web3’s broader societal impact to have a place to ask questions, voice their thoughts, and learn with a community of peers.

We want to inspire more people to care about how crypto can help solve some of the greatest problems of our time, while simultaneously pushing to make this space as inclusive and accessible as possible.

We’re going to make this a sustainable business model.

We’re going to build liberal arts for crypto.


Tangible impact

Fostering fun and sharing insights is great, but it’s not enough for us!

We’re not succeeding until people are growing outside of their comfort zone, embracing new perspectives, and feeling comfortable expressing vulnerability.

We’re not succeeding until we’ve built an inclusive, accessible environment that doesn’t discriminate towards age, race, sexual orientation, ability, or prior knowledge.

We’re not succeeding until we properly support researchers exploring questions in sociology, anthropology, culture, and more. We’re not looking to replace colleges; we want to work with them.

We’re also not going to shut our doors for people who are skeptical of web3. We need skeptics in the room to push for progress.

Diversified revenue streams

In order to pay contributors, researchers, and speakers, we need to generate revenue. Our treasury shouldn’t rely exclusively on venture capital or crowdfunds to grow.

This might mean kicking off each Semester with NFTs that grant access to speaker-led workshops alongside free scholarships.

This might mean converting each of our workshops into articles on this Mirror publication as an NFT collectible, with proceeds split between the speaker and DAO.

This might mean partnering with other DAOs and protocols to help them design their own learning experiences, and/or consulting on impact for protocol grants.


We'll be ambitious in how we operate, striving to set a gold standard that inspires new DAOs. We are and will continue to spend a lot of time researching what’s worked well with other DAOs while making sure that we’re not reinventing the web2 wheel.

We’ll balance bias for action with attention to detail, operating with rigorous thinking (in writing) while being inclusive to new perspectives and ideas. We’ll test assumptions, validate risks, and run new experiments every week.

Our collaboration will be transparent, and our communication will be accessible. The core team will DM at least 3-5 new members every day to have a pulse on the community.

Most importantly, we’ll have fun and not take ourselves too seriously

Thank you! We will send you more details soon!
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January 12, 2022


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