ClimateDAO allows mass coordination among retail investors, empowering them with the means to be activists

Democratizing Activism
Historically, the title activist investor has been reserved for hedge fund managers with hoards of capital at their disposal. ClimateDAO democratizes this through mass coordination, empowering investors to hold companies accountable to shareholders and the environment.

What does it mean to be an activist?
Activist investors typically buy a large amount of a company's stock with the goal of gaining influence and pressuring the management team to make a specific set of changes to the business. Activist investors push for changes that would increase the company's share price or benefit the activist investor


Join the community
Add yourself to the waitlist for ClimateDAO. We’ll reach out with next steps soon to get you onboarded.

Connect your wallet
Connect your Metamask wallet and receive shares and voting rights for the fund. If you don’t have a wallet, get one here.

Engage with proposals
Check out proposals from the community, discuss in the forum, vote on proposals, and even submit your own!


“We’re on the brink of a new era of cooperation, decentralization, and  activism. The future will not look like the present. Join us.”

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January 12, 2022


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