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The Cherubs DAO is an NFT owned and governed social impact investment fund with a mission to invest in causes that matter to the Cherubs DAO members. Each day, a new Cherub NFT (a “Cherub”) is born and auctioned to the highest bidder. Cherub sale proceeds fund the Cherubs DAO treasury. Each Cherub has one vote over how the treasury may be used in support of the Cherubs DAO mission. Seven macro causes have been identified for the Cherubs DAO mission. In addition to the general "All Causes", other causes include Climate, Crypto Advocacy, Curing Disease, Education, Inclusion & Equality, and Poverty & Hunger.

Cherubs are a modern take on the historic Cherub angel meme, with the modern Cherubs representing today’s change agents. Cherubs have value in the uniqueness of the art and mission and in the right to vote over a DAO treasury that will grow in value daily. The Cherubs DAO can invest in for-profit opportunities, so long as any investment or grant fits the mission of being cause-based. For example, the Cherubs DAO could invest in a promising alternative therapeutic to a medical condition. Therefore, each Cherub may accrue additional value based on investment gains made by the Cherubs DAO since the Cherub holders decide on what to do with any gains.

New Cherubs, Every Day, Funding Causes, Forever. Own a Cherub.

Our Mission
Cherubim Labs seeks to reimagine how communities & capital come together to serve and fund causes using the power of Crypto Assets & crypto economic systems. We see a future where Crypto Assets can be used in new, innovative ways for good, and can empower charitable & cause-based giving from the grassroots level globally.

Why own a Cherub?
Modeled off of the pioneering Nouns DAO model, owning a Cherub gives you a fun and valuable asset AND provides you with membership & equal voting rights in a movement for community-led funding of causes. Every day a new Cherub is minted and sold in an auction. Each sale increases the Cherub DAO treasury and onboards a new vote to the Cherub DAO community. Over time the Cherub DAO gets energized with more funds and more members. Cherub owners will have the right to propose projects & grants & vote on all proposals. Cherub DAO owners thus get to collaboratively define the future of Cherubs the causes which will benefit.

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