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Strategic Business Manager

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The full time Strategic Business Manager role will report to the Chief Executive Officer and is eligible for all employee benefits.

Principal Software Engineer

Remote - US



About the Role

Brightvine is seeking a full-time Principal Software Engineer to lead the blockchain development group within our product suite and help shape the technology strategy. This is an exciting opportunity for a seasoned engineer to manage a team and build a blockchain platform from the ground up and become a key stakeholder in a rapidly expanding startup.

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Growth for all.

Let’s start with a hard truth — most of us are living in a financial fog. We hear the stories of success from the fortunate few. But for most investors, industry innovation has outpaced individual insight.

For decades, the financial industry has spoken about impact. About moving markets forward. About creating more wealth for more people.

But how do you create impact for all if you leave opportunity to the few?

A new wave of financial technologies has sown the seeds of change. Decentralized groups of strangers have shown that together we CAN make an impact.

But can we affect lasting change when companies and consumers are still miles apart?

This is where we uncloak the black box of opportunity. Where clarity and quality are at the intersection of access and insight. Where we can shape the world around us from anywhere in the world. And where new forms of knowledge turn into new forms of power.

We are driving change in our lives and our landscapes not just through our investments, but through our shared ideas. We are extending access and expanding wealth. We are what’s next for the everyday investor.

We are Brightvine.

Brightvine is not a FINRA member broker-dealer. For any activities indicated that may require FINRA membership, Brightvine is not conducting such activities until it has obtained FINRA’s approval as a broker-dealer, in general, and for such activities, in particular.

A letter from our CEO

Brightvine is giving the power back to investors; the power to improve our planet and our communities. Here you not only gain access to the highest quality, most trusted digital offerings, but to each other. That connection is what strengthens us and is the greatest catalyst for change.

Joe Vellanikaran

Founder and CEO

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January 12, 2022


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