Boys Club is a dinner series and group chat for the crypto curious. It’s designed for women and non-binary people, but welcoming all. Zero crypto experience required. No technical know-how needed. Come with a curious spirit and a willingness to learn.


We’re building Boys Club for the person who wants to learn, but doesn’t want to get roasted for not knowing the basics. We’re building it for the people that see their friends getting rich off NFTs and want to learn more, but have no idea where to start. We’re building it for the women who see web3 changing their industries, and want to explore how to create value in this new world. We’re building it for you, dear reader, even if you know jack shit about crypto.


The goal. We’ve set ourselves a goal to onboard 5,000 women and nonbinary people to crypto this year


Why a dinner and group chat?Selfishly, it’s because it’s how we learn best. Watching YouTube tutorials and listening to podcasts work for a lot of people. For us? We need the space to ask questions and explore with friends, online and IRL. There is a whole new world being built on the blockchain, and we know there is an opportunity for us to decide what it looks like for us. A big part of what excites us is taking this online moment and building an IRL community.


join the chat:https://airtable.com/shryFnkv7KxIhIfJN

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January 12, 2022


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