What is Blu3 DAO?

Introducing Blu3 DAO, an education-based DAO with the mission of empowering women* to learn, and build their careers in the web3 space with the aim to achieve financial freedom. Women in the web3 space are heavily underrepresented with twice as many men investing in cryptocurrency compared to women, and only 14.5% of employees in Blockchain being women. While many have expressed the desire to learn, several find web3 intimidating due to the steep learning curve and lack of trust in the space. Blu3 DAO will pave the way for women across the ecosystem, serving as an educational center and hub of opportunity related to all things crypto.

Our 3 mandates:

  1. Learn: Increasing education and awareness for those who are new and curious about Web3.
  2. Earn: Providing resources and opportunities for women to invest and earn in Web3 including a labor hub to connect with protocols that are hiring.
  3. Play: Creating a safe space for women to connect with other crypto enthusiasts and participate in fun IRL activities.

Our goals of bridging the gap between ambitious women and educational resources are fulfilled through the growth and contribution of an inclusive community. The DAO’s symbol of a butterfly depicts the transformation from a caterpillar, undergoing a metamorphosis process as a cocoon, growing and ultimately blossoming into a beautiful butterfly; free, fully self-expressed, and limitless. By having access to the endless resources of Blu3 DAO, our goal is to enable more women to spread their wings and fly through the world of web3 with the support of a community every step of the way.


$Blu3og is a social token built on the Harmony Ecosystem (HRC-20). $Blu3og tokens are the DAO’s native tokens and will initially be airdropped to those who have bought Blue to Fly NFTs in addition to those who have contributed to MoneyBoss and the launch of Blue to Fly campaign. Blu3 DAO wishes to reward loyal community members and leaders by offering tokens for those who participate and contribute to the DAO’s mission.

The overarching goal of $Blu3og is to enable decentralized governance through token-based voting and coordination of DAO membership. Token holders will unlock a variety of perks that include but are not limited to:

  • Ungated access to exclusive discord channels
  • Governance rights
  • Future event access
  • Chat rooms and activity groups

$BLU3OG token holds no monetary value. Our token will launch with the sole use case of representing participation in the community. $BLU3OG can be earned through contributions and donations to the DAO.

The distribution of $Blu3og will be as follows:

$BLUE Allocation

$BLU3OG is an HRC-20 social token, and will be rewarded to current and prior contributors, cofounders and existing teams and members. It will also be awarded for every $1 donated to the DAO. Each token allows one vote on propositions of Blu3 DAO.

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