BlockbusterDAO is building a DAO to buy back Blockbuster from DISHand turn it into a DeFilm Studio and Streaming Platform


Step 1: Allow Blockbuster DAO NFT staking to collect BlockBuster Rewards

With the Blockbuster IP safely owned by the DAO, it will be important to start building out rewards for the organization. We will create a vault of tokens called Blockbuster Reward Tokens (BRT) that will be used within the Blockbuster ecosystem for exclusive content. We can also use these tokenomics to reward DAO participation and community events.

Step 2: Develop a Blockbuster NFT presence and use proceeds to fund development

This will be a multi-layer step of the roadmap that allows the DAO to scale to a commercial content platform. We will also need to drive revenue through NFT collections, brand deals, merch, and other uses of the IP. This revenue will be used toward future groth initiatives IP buying.

Step 3: Run the film festival circuit and start buying films

As a DAO backed by a single IP, we will need to make sure that we make IP buying a priority. This means we should take our vault and hit the film festival circuit. We can send representatives to scout out films, and then have an exclusive screening for the DAO to ultimately decide what to buy (and for how much). Once we purchase the films, we can either partner up with a distribution company to hit theatres, publish the content to our proprietary site, or lease the content out to other streaming platforms.

Step 4: Release a Blockbuster streaming platform

Blockbuster should be first-to-market for DeFilm Streaming. We can create a “Movie Pass” subscription model for our platform, making those passes ERC-20 tokens that have resale value.  There’s A LOT of directions this could go on the consumer side, including film derivatives, relisting of IP for public/private sale, and/or some sort of reward program for collecting consumer data.

Step 5: Option speculative screenplays for Blockbuster Originals

Once we’ve developed a platform for content publication, we can start investing in original content. This is not a step we’d want to rush toward, as the time and money it will take is a big investment. We’d need confirmation from the DAO on what projects to invest in, and how much budget we can allocate toward it. We can also fundraise project budgets by selling tokens of the film IP which can yield a percentage of gross revenue or royalties.

Step 6: Attract Creative Talent with Equity Earnings on Success

We can build on our success by giving equal equity opportunities to the artists, cast, and crew of original productions. When a Blockbuster film makes money in whatever capacity, we need to make sure that the artists above-the-line and below-the-line are all taken care of post-mortem.

Step 7: Interactive Collective Content and Blockchain Gaming

For my fellow millennials, Blockbuster was alsoa key player in the video game industry. I believe the brand can become a strong platform for blockchain gaming as well as new content types like Interactive Collective Content, which I have written about at Superinfinity.


Our mission is to liberate Blockbuster and form a DAO to collectively govern the brand as we turn Blockbuster into the first-ever DeFilm streaming platform and a mainstay of both the Web3 brands and products, but a powerhouse in the future of the film industry.


We are a collective of unique individuals pushing for a bright future. A world in which prosperity is abundant and technology acts as a communal connective tissue. We believe in a web3 world, where data and payments are fluid and controlled by the creators. We believe in the pursuit of open knowledge for the greater good. The tools for connecting the dots are finally here.

Technology is constantly evolving and blockchain technology, a fluid and open system, is suited to help us catalyze change. Friends With Benefits are creators, rebels, artists, thinkers, and doers forming an organization to discuss and shape that future. By gathering those looking to create change, Friends With Benefits aims to take these new tools and help implement web3 in a multitude of ways.

By unifying our community through a social token - $FWB - members can be confident that everyone in the group has shared skin in the game. By teasing the future of token-permissioned access, Friends With Benefits strives to showcase how a community can reach scale without diminishing quality along the way.


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January 12, 2022


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