AntidoteDAOToken is the first deflationary crypto token built for a noble purpose: AntidoteDAO is created based on the belief that cryptocurrency can bring change to both investors and people suffering from the serious disease of cancer. AntidoteDAO is an open source community cryptocurrency project, featuring decentralized and decentralized governance. More than just a digital currency, AntidoteDAO is backed by a community of dedicated individuals; AntidoteDAO's goal is to create the most powerful community of individuals who share the same ideals of change and helping others. Through transparency and empowerment, we are lighting a new light in the dark lives of those suffering from cancer.

We launched AntidoteDAO and plan to launch many more projects in the future, including NFTs and Staking. We will also be releasing multiple projects that follow crypto trends to increase the size of our ecosystem.
This project is primarily focused on the following aspects helping people to donate, building a financial system for the community, implementing projects that meet the needs of the community, and evolving the product over time using best practices.


We believe that by combining blockchain technology with will, we can have a significant impact on critical issues that affect most or part of our lives. Through this community-owned project, individuals and organizations will be able to work together to impact the lives of those suffering from cancer and other incurable diseases, ultimately leading to revolutionary changes in global healthcare that will benefit everyone, regardless of their circumstances. AntidoteDAO is a global organization. AntidoteDAO will allow users around the world to buy and sell NFTs on the market at any time.


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January 12, 2022


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