The AmpleSense Decentralized Autonomous Organization (ASDAO) is a global independent, community-powered project focused on improving understanding and adoption of elastic finance.

The ASDAO invests in projects, applications and initiatives that promote and utilize Ample and other elastic cryptocurrencies. The DAO’s governance token is KiloAmple (kMPL).


Solving problems and improvements in ampleforth through voting and hedging tokens.


As an independent, community powered organization, the AmpleSense DAO’s primary goal is to foster the development of a diverse and high-impact ecosystem of products and services utilizing Ample and other select, high-quality elastic assets.

Note: It is not within the DAO’s mandate to provide governance for the Ampleforth protocol itself (or for elastic protocols not developed solely by the DAO).


Supporters, members and others are gathered at the Hub, a social network where you can learn from, connect with and and engage the vibrant, diverse and welcoming global AmpleSense DAO community.

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